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Gasket Replacement

"Floating Windshields" are supported by their gasket(s) and if those gaskets become damaged from dry rot or tears, they can begin to lose their shape and will not fit snugly against the glass.  A damaged gasket can compromise the glass and become a danger if not replaced. 


Wise RV Glass can remove the windshield glass and replace the gasket so that the integrity is maintained.

gasket 3.jpg

Moldings around 'glued in' windshields are purely cosmetic as it is the urethane or "glue" that creates the seal and binds the glass to the opening.  Certain components of these moldings may be replaced per piece if they begin to rot or become damaged.  However, because the glass is sealed to the opening, there is always a risk of it breaking during removal.  As a general rule of thumb, it is best to replace the molding when the windshield glass is replaced.

Also, Moldings/Glazing Beads around side windows are also cosmetic and are used to cover the seam where the glass meets the frame.  Silicone is used to hold these moldings in place so they can be replaced without glass replacement if desired.

gasket 1_edited.jpg


Gaskets are used to seal insulated glass windows against the window frame to provide a snug fit.  If these gaskets dry rot or  tear, the window frame and ultimately the wood below can get wet and end up rotting.   As the weather turns cold, water inside the wood and in the window frame itself can freeze and put pressure on the insulated panes of glass.  With enough pressure, the insulating seal between the glass will fail and your windows will become foggy. 


Wise RV Glass can replace those gaskets and prevent further damage and a costly replacement of the entire window.

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