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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide mobile replacement services?

We provide mobile replacement services throughout the southeast. Contact us to see if we service your area.

Can you ship the glass to us?

Yes, we ship our glass and guarantee it makes it to you undamaged.  We frequently coach customers of all experience levels and backgrounds through confirming measurements and installation. We have patterns for most motohome windows on hand, and can confirm measurements easily.  We have blank drawings formatted for the shapes, and e-mail them out with the quote.  We quote and ship with the supplies needed, and have instructions set up to prep you for the installation.  We are always on hand to answer questions and guide you through the installation as well, to ensure you have as easy of an experiece as you can with your glass replacement. 


What if I’m passing through your area? Can I call ahead for service?

Yes, you can call ahead for service. We keep an exhaustive library of window glass we can get fabricated within a few weeks for install. Or we can ship the glass to you for you or a local repair shop to install the glass. We can typically procure RV windshields within 3-5 business days,  then install when you come through.  


We can also work at any local campground or location you choose to stay at, if you need any recommendations here are a few we recommend:   


Where is your shop located?

An appointment is required prior to visiting our location. If you have an appointment scheduled, you can find our location at the following address:

2130 Peachtree Pkwy Suite B, Cumming, GA 30041

Can I make an appointment to drop off a window frame at your location?

Yes, you can make an appointment to drop your window frame off at our shop for us to measure and perform the replacement service.


What's the difference between glass replacement and window replacement?

Glass replacement uses your existing frame and only replaces the glass. Full window replacement includes the entire frame and glass.

Should I replace a foggy window, or simply have it resealed?

Wise RV Glass recommends replacing double paned glass rather than resealing because it must be sealed in a low humidity, controlled environment in order to maintain its insulating qualities. Replacement with glass purchased direct from the tempering company who seals it before shipment is the best option.

What color tints are available for glass window replacement?

All window glass can be fabricated to match the following colors: Clear, Bronze, Green (Solex), Gray, and Dark Gray.

Can I update my RV kitchen with new cabinet glass?

Absolutely! Wise RV Glass replaces interior glass and has multiple options for design glass to update cabinets.

What is the typical lead time for glass replacement?

  • For single pane and double pane side windows and interior glass, the average lead time is 2 ½ - 3 ½ weeks.

  • The average lead time for windshield replacement is usually 7-9 business days.

*Lead times may be longer for hand cut patterns and/or dependent on weather conditions.


Do you replace RV shower door glass?

Yes, we do. We can replace the glass within a shower enclosure on an RV if one of the doors or panels are damaged. We can replace both framed and frameless shower door glass and match it to the pattern glass you already have. We also can fabricate the glass to fit the existing shower hardware, and we can replace particular vinyl and hardware components on shower enclosures.


Do you replace interior RV mirrors?

Yes, we can match and replace interior mirrors and we apply a CAT 3 safety backing to the mirror prior to installation to prevent breakage.


Do you replace interior cabinet door glass?

Yes, we can match and replace cabinet door glass or replace all of the glass in the cabinets. All cabinet door glass is tempered for safety, and we install it with glaziers push points and silicone.



Are you an approved vendor to work with all insurance companies?

Yes, we are! We are approved to work with any and all insurance companies and we will provide you a quote to send to your insurance company.

How much will my window replacement cost if I file a claim with my insurance?

You will only be responsible for your deductible if you file a claim through your insurance.


What is your warranty on your installation service?

Our installation service includes a 1- year labor warranty. If any leaks, whistles, or malfunctions occur in the window or windshield within the first 12 months after the initial install date, we will come back out for no additional charges to rectify the issue.

What is your warranty on glass?

We do not offer a glass warranty. We take thorough care in installing the glass in a method that prevents breakage including no glass touching the metal in a frame, and we use spacer blocks to comfortably rest the glass on. We set windshield glass into the gasket or opening in a manner to reduce the change of stress cracks.


Are there any glass manufacturer warranties?

The double pane glass units come with a 10-year manufacture warranty against foggy windows.

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