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Frame-Less Windows 

Frameless Window Pane Replacement

Frame-less window panes can be replaced to match the rest of the windows on your RV.  Replacing panes rather than ordering the entire window unit from the manufacturer is less costly and with a much faster turn around time. Wise RV Glass can replace both single-pane and double-pane glass in frame-less windows.  

We can match most glass including the kind most commonly used for frame-less windows in an RV which is 1/8" thick Dark Gray 'Graylite #31' tempered glass.  On a bright day, the glass appears almost black from the outside when the interior of the RV is dark.

Some other frame-less windows in the cock pit area of motorhomes are built with 1/8"or 3/16" thick clear tempered glass which we can also match.

Black 'frit' Band on frame-less windows.  

Frame-Less windows must be back painted with a black band. This black band serves two purposes:

1. Hides the area where the urethane is applied to adhere the window to the hardware and/or inner frame.

2. The back 'frit' band protects the urethane adhesive from UV light which can compromise the urethane.

Wise RV Glass takes measurements of the black band on your other windows to match the dimensions of the band on the replacement window. We paint this band on with Urethane Primer which has the properties needed to block the UV light.  


Frame-Less Windows must be supported/braced for 24 hours after installation, while the urethane adhesive cures. Then, the tape and supporting 2x4 braces can be removed.

Frame-Less Before-After_edited.jpg
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